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10 Meghan Markle Roles You Probably Forgot About

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download movie latest in hindi

There are those who first became acquainted with Meghan Markle when she became engaged to Prince Harry. Then, there are those who have been fans since her role as Rachel Zane on the hit USA drama Suits made her a household name. And, then, there are those eagle-eyed viewers of Deal or No Deal who remember her as one of the 26 models whose numbered suitcase may or may not hold your chances of fortune.

If this is the first you are hearing about the Duchess of Sussex’s early job on the popular game show, I certainly do not blame you. In fact, there are a good handful of performances on the 39-year-old, Los Angeles-born actress’ resume that never quite managed to be the break that Suits eventually became for her. However, we at CinemaBlend enjoy shining the spotlight on celebrities’ humble beginnings, and that is not limited to members of the Royal Family, either.


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