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12 Fantastic Sterling K. Brown Performances In Movies And Television

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download movie latest in hindi

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience (Sia)

Probably my personal favorite performance by Sterling K. Brown is really nothing like the strong, dramatic supporting roles he is best known for, but one brief appearance in the unlikeliest of places that took me, and surely plenty of others who have seen, completely by surprise. Sia sings on the chorus of “Oakland Nights” from The Lonely Island’s The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, which is inspired by the bromance between MLB all-stars Mark McGwire and Jose Conseco in the late 1980s. However, instead of appearing in the visual album released exclusively on Netflix herself, Brown (officially credited as the “Chandelier” songstress) steps in to uproariously lip-sync and dance to her part about “silk robes and kimonos.”


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