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5 Possible Directions I Want To See King Kong Head In After Godzilla Vs. Kong

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download movie latest in hindi

A Child Of Kong

Son of Kong, which came out in 1933, the same year as the first movie, is actually one of my least favorite King Kong movies, and for good reason. King Kong isn’t even in it. But I still kind of love the idea of King Kong having a child, mostly because it would mean that there would have to be another female ape, a la, King Kong Lives. But that movie is pretty crummy, so I would love to see this MonsterVerse version of Kong having a child and being the protective parent.

Honestly, what I really think I want though is to have Godzilla’s son, Manilla (Or Minya) face off against King Kong’s son, only for the parents to start pushing each other around and then slamming each other into buildings. Hey, stranger things have happened. Like, we’re finally getting a direct sequel to Cloverfield, and I never thought that would happen. Speaking of really big monsters…


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