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5 Reasons Blade 2 Is One Of The Best Marvel Movies Outside Of The MCU

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download movie latest in hindi

It’s Still The Closest To A Horror Movie That We’ve Ever Gotten From Marvel

Even though the upcoming Morbius will likely be billed as a horror movie, it definitely wasn’t the first Marvel property to go the horror route, since Blade 2 certainly fits into the action/horror genre. And it’s all because of the aforementioned Reapers, which are freaking scary as hell.

You see, the Reapers are like these super vampires, and they have this feature where their mouths stretch all the way open in the most horrific fashion possible. It’s like the Predator, but ten times worse. Plus, the Reapers never let up, attacking in packs like really fast zombies. They also have this weird walk where they can climb up walls backward like that scene in The Exorcist when Reagan spider walks down the stairs. It’s just nightmare fuel. And in a Marvel movie no less. Amazing!


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