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5 Reasons Why Jingle All the Way Is A Top-Tier Christmas Movie

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download movie latest in hindi

The Setting Puts You In The Christmas Spirit

Here’s the thing about Die Hard (here I go again). While I do love Die Hard (Hans Gruber is one of my all-time favorite baddies), it doesn’t really put me in the Christmas spirit. Yes, I know it’s centered around a Christmas party, and yes, Ho, ho, ho, John McClane now has a machine gun, but it still doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it takes place in Los Angeles and there really isn’t any snow. But for whatever reason, Die Hard is always a kick ass action movie for me first, and a Christmas movie maybe eighth or ninth down the list.

But Jingle All The Way feels like a Christmas movie, because it is one. There’s snow everywhere, reindeer, and even Santy Clause (a whole bunch of Santy Clauses, actually). Look, if I watch Jingle All The Way in July, it will put me in the Christmas spirit. If I watch Die Hard in December, it will make me think about what a kickass action movie it is, but I won’t think about Christmas. Like, not at all.


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