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6 Bad Disaster Movies That Are Also Kind Of Great

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download movie latest in hindi

Poseidon (2006)

I’ve actually never seen 1972’s The Poseidon Adventure, but I’m told it’s pretty good. Wolfgang Petersen’s 2006’s Poseidon starring Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, and Emmy Rossum, though? Well, I’m pretty sure its 33% Rotten Tomatoes score is a good indication that it’s not another classic in the medium. Does it really have to be in order to be fun, though?

The film concerns a ship that is flipped over by a rogue wave. Josh Lucas leads a band of survivors as they try to make their way off the boat, but falling elevator shafts and water constantly get in their way. Yes, the characters are more “types,” than living, breathing people. And, yes, like most disaster movies, the action is heavy handed and unbelievable. But, the film is also super tense, and for that reason, I love it!


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