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6 Black Romance Writers Whose Books Need To Be Adapted To Movies

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

People of Earth! Times, they are rough. There is so much going on (literally every single day), and so much of it which is 100%, Grade A, Not Great, that it can be difficult to focus on the good in life and keep your hopes for the future alive. Well, you know what is great? True love and sexytimes. Even though a lot of folks might not admit it, most of us have a favorite story (or more) which leans heavily on romance, no matter what else is going on, and black romance authors like Beverly Jenkins and Talia Hibbert have certainly given readers a lot to love about love!

Sure there are plenty of romantic comedies out there, but if you are a true lover of actual romance novels, you’ll know that one thing those books promise (which can be a big deal right now) is a happy ending for the lovebirds involved. And, right now, when everything seems to be so up-in-the-air, who among us couldn’t use a little assured happiness, no matter what disasters life throws in our path?


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