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6 Marvel Characters Kristen Stewart Would Be Perfect To Play

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download movie latest in hindi


I was, personally, not a big fan of Elizabeth Banks’ commercially underwhelming 2019 soft reboot of Charlie’s Angels, but was at least impressed by the performances from its trio of lead of actresses, especially Kristen Stewart. I would love to see her make a second attempt at the role of a kick-ass secret agent, such as Sage – a telepathic mutant whose additional skills in hacking, piloting, and martial arts coaxed Professor Xavier into enlisting her help in covertly keeping tabs on his enemies. 

This Marvelous badass made her live action debut in the short-lived Fox series The Gifted, but has yet to be given the big screen treatment, and giving Stewart the role in a future MCU X-Men movie would be killing two birds with one stone.


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