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6 Superhero Characters Jenna Ortega Would Be Perfect To Play

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download movie latest in hindi

I should mention that this would not actually be the 18-year-old Latina actress’ first foray into superhero movies, however. In fact, she is technically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already, having made her feature film debut in Iron Man 3 as the daughter of the Vice President. Of course, her character was not even given a proper name, but it would not be the first time an actor played multiple comic book movie characters, even in the same universe.

That being said, I see no harm in giving her a more prominent MCU role which would put her in a real costume, and I have a few heroines from the pages of Marvel Comics in mind. To be safe, though, I also thought I would pick some additional DC characters whom Jenna Ortega would be an ideal candidate to breathe life into on the big (or small) screen as well. The following are the six characters Ortega could play in Marvel and DC movies, starting with one who shares a similar cultural identity with the actress.


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