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7 Great Oscar-Nominated Movies Available To Stream For Free On Plex Right Now

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

In the past, CinemaBlend has partnered up with the streaming service Plex to highlight the platform’s best movies, its robust Live TV On Plex streaming function, and even the great TV shows you can watch there. Well, we’re teaming up with the service once again, but this time to talk about a few of the great Oscar-nominated movies streaming for free on Plex. It is crazy that right now, without so much as spending a penny, you can watch Oscar winners like Chinatown, It Happened One Night, Babel, and more.

With the 93rd Academy Awards not too far off, now is the perfect time to take a stroll through some of the best films to ever be nominated and/or win some nice hardware at the annual ceremony. From gritty war dramas to enlightening (and frightening) documentaries, here’s what’s streaming for free on Plex.


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