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7 Hubie Halloween Things That Still Really Work In Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movie, Despite What Critics Think

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download movie latest in hindi

Adam Sandler’s Habit Of Casting His Friends Really Works For This Movie

The Adam Sandler movie machine is known for two specific factors that keep it moving: sometimes there’s a great vacation to be had, and Sandler has an assortment of actors he always likes to work with, which makes casting super easy. Neither of those factors guarantee a good film, but you can always count on something like Hubie Halloween to reflect how much fun everyone’s having on set. For this story, that’s exactly the sort of thing that works in favor of what is trying to be achieved. The Salem of Hubie Halloween feels like an actual community of people who are familiar with one another, and everyone from repertory players like Kevin James, Tim Meadows and Maya Rudolph, to newcomers such as Ray Liotta and Michael Chiklis, really sells it. Adam Sandler movies are hangout movies, and in a small town atmosphere like this one, that’s a positive factor.


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