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7 Times Bradley Whitford Played A Perfect Jerk

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download movie latest in hindi

Adventures In Babysitting (Mike Todwell)

Before we even meet Bradley Whitford’s Mike Todwell at the beginning of Adventures in Babysitting, we know he’s going to be a prick. First of all, he pulls up in a red Camaro with a license plate reading “SO-COOL,” and then honks his horn to let Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) know that he’s arrived (never do that, it’s very much not cool). And although his girlfriend is all dressed up in a nice dress and jewelry, Mike shows up in jeans, dirty sneakers, a leather jacket, and the worst pair of aviators you’ll see in a Chris Columbus movie. Armed with a bad haircut and even worse excuse, Mike cancels the date at the fancy French restaurant in Chicago, breaking Chris’ heart and setting up the plot of the movie.


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