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7 Wonder Woman Questions We Have After Wonder Woman 1984

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Are Diana And Barbara On Good Terms Again?

Barbara Minerva was already a force to be reckoned with after wishing she could be like Diana, but after joining forces with Maxwell Lord, she was granted a second wish: to become an apex predator. Alas, Barbara’s time as The Cheetah was short-lived, as after Max undid all the wishes, Barbara returned to her normal form. However, it was hard to tell by the look on her face if she was back to being a kind and caring individual, or if she resented Diana for taking her power away. Assuming Barbara doesn’t quit her job at the Smithsonian, eventually she and Diana will bump into each other, and that will be an awkward interaction no matter what. That said, fingers crossed Barbara is more clear-headed in the aftermath of Wonder Woman 1984, because the last thing Diana needs is having to deal with Barbara trying to become Cheetah again.


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