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8 Samuel L. Jackson Role You May Have Forgotten About

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download movie latest in hindi

Mister Senor Love Daddy – Do The Right Thing

Samuel L. Jackson had already been acting on the stage, and in films and television, when he landed the role of Senor Love Daddy in Do the Right Thing. However, most of his roles had been minor ones. Do the Right Thing was his second collaboration with Spike Lee. The two men worked together a year prior on School Daze.

They would later also work together on Jungle Fever and Mo ’Better Blues. Senor Love Daddy is a minor character in Do the Right Thing, but he often acts as a narrator, adds commentary, and offers the final lines of the film. He sees everything and understands the neighborhood better than most. Do the Right Thing is such a complex film that, unless you’ve seen it recently, you might forget all the future stars who have minor roles in it, including Jackson, Rosie Perez, and Martin Lawrence


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