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After Borat 2, Is It Time For Napoleon Dynamite 2?

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download movie latest in hindi

Pro: There’s More Humor To Mine From Napoleon Dynamite’s Middle-America Awkwardness, Particularly As A Fledgling Adult

As noted earlier, now that Napoleon Dynamite will be well into adulthood, there’s more humor to mine from his awkward, humble-minded surroundings in this sequel. The original’s success wasn’t based solely on our geeky lead’s goofy perspective. Rather, it’s the strange Middle America environment he inhabits.

While we’ve gotten a glimpse at the adults who live inside this peculiar cinematic world, we haven’t interacted with them much. Through this sequel, which explores what Dynamite is like as a fledgling adult, we’ll get a look at the other side of the coin and see how the unsophisticated adults act with their peers in their “normal” day-to-day lives.

Personally, I’d be curious to see Napoleon returning to his high school reunion either as a new adult with something to prove or as the same dweeb he was before, while everyone he once knew has changed drastically — for better or worse.


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