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Aldis Hodge: 6 Things To Know About The One Night In Miami Actor

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download movie latest in hindi

Outside Of Acting, Aldis Hodge Is A Self-Taught Watchmaker

While others might balk at the thought of “weekend homework,” Aldis Hodge seems like the kind of person who always likes to stay busy. Thankfully, he has plenty of other handy skills to keep himself occupied when he is not in front of the camera, such as painting and another vastly different form of art.

If you thought Hodge’s technical skills on Leverage was just part of his character, think again. Since his youth, the man has been an active, self-taught engineer and horologist – which in layman’s terms, is one who designs and constructs watches. In fact, he even launched his own brand of luxury timepieces aptly named “A. Hodge.”


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