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Anthony Mackie And More Share Thoughts On One Of Outside The Wire’s Most Intriguing Questions

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download movie latest in hindi

What Is A G.U.M.P. In Outside The Wire?

Within the world of Outside The Wire’s not-too-distant future in 2036, mechanized warfare is pretty sophisticated. In addition to the armed drones (that exist this very day), and human pilots like Damson Idris’ Lt. Thomas Harp, there are some other robotic tools of the trade that are pure sci-fi. One such device of that nature is an android named Leo (Anthony Mackie), who is a top-secret prototype that looks more human than some other humans. Still, the bridge between human and machine comes in a corps of mech drones that can be sent in when the chips are down, to provide cover fire for the human boots on the ground. These are what the film calls “G.U.M.P.s,” and even with a sizable amount of screen time being given to these bulky beasts, no explanation is given as to what that name means.


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