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Back To The Future Actress Elsa Raven Is Dead At 91

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download movie latest in hindi

When an actor like Sean Connery passes away, the world remembers him. He was a major movie star who played the lead in numerous movies and portrayed some of the most popular characters in fiction on the big screen. But it doesn’t always take playing James Bond to be remembered. I would wager that in your favorite movies there are numerous performances that you remember as clearly as the leads, and if one of your favorite movies is the Michael J. Fox classic Back to the Future all I need to say is “Save the clock tower” to bring a perfect image of actress Elsa Raven to your mind.

Elsa Raven had 77 film credits to her name beginning back in the 1960s, but her most famous role may have been as “Clocktower Lady” in 1985’s Back to the Future she approaches Michael J. Fox’s Marty and his girlfriend to drop the backstory of the clock tower on them (and the audience), a key role since that information will be important later in the film. Elsa Raven’s name wasn’t well known but she’ll always be remembered. The actress passed away Tuesday at the age of 91.

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