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Back To The Future Writer Reveals One Scene That Makes Him ‘Cringe’

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download movie latest in hindi

Not too many. I’ll tell you, though, the thing that aggravates me every time I see it is, and, again, we ran out of time, we didn’t have time to perfect the special effect, in the Johnny B. Goode scene, when Marty starts to be erased from existence and there’s the shot where he looks at his hand, and there’s a hole in it, it really wasn’t supposed to be like that. Everybody else is kind of just fading out of existence, and why is there this hole in his hand? That, we were up against a deadline. We just didn’t have time to have ILM do a rethink on that and figure out a better way to do that. That would be the main, number one thing that makes me cringe.


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