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Bill And Ted Face The Music And 6 Other Movies That Had Wild Alternate Endings

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download movie latest in hindi

Die Hard With A Vengeance

Out of all the endings that could have been in this entire list, the unused, but very much filmed ending to Die Hard With A Vengeance is probably the one ending that most definitely should have been kept in the final edit. Instead of ending the action with John McClane (Bruce Willis) downing Simon Gruber’s (Jeremy Irons) escape helicopter in Canada on the same day, McClane takes a longer, more brutal road to revenge. Tracking Simon down to Germany after being fired by the NYPD, John plays a game of Russian Roulette with Simon. Only, the weapon is a rocket launcher, and the directional arrow has been taken off the unit. After a round of riddles, Simon gets an answer wrong… and is blown into oblivion as a result.


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