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Blade’s Wesley Snipes On Why It Would Be ‘Strange’ If Mahershala Ali Had Met Him

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download movie latest in hindi

Given that Mahershala Ali will be the second actor to play Blade on film, one wouldn’t fault him if he wanted to pick Wesley Snipes’ brain about the role. However, as Snipes sees it, he doesn’t expect that Ali will chat him up about all things Blade. No doubt Snipes thinks that Ali is perfectly capable of figuring out the role by himself, which is hardly an unreasonable thought given that Ali is an Academy Award and Golden Globe winner. And if I might get speculative for a moment, while obviously Ali’s Blade will pull certain elements from the source material like Snipes’ version did, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ali wants to make sure that his Blade performance doesn’t too closely resemble what Snipes did over the course of the original Blade trilogy.


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