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Blumhouse’s Freaky Ending Explained And How The Body Swap Magic Works

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download movie latest in hindi

Could Vince Vaughn Return For A Sequel?

As it stands according to the end, the chances of Vince Vaughn returning if a sequel does come for Freaky feels unlikely. The Blissfield Butcher died twice, the last time with a stake through him… it would be redundant for a third helping. That is unless Vaughn’s Butcher had a twin brother of some sort? I would not rule it out though, Christopher Landon did something wacky with Happy Death Day 2U, by having Tree be part of a time loop and parallel universe, allowing for more of the magic from the original to continue. There could be more to the magic of the knife we’ve yet to see. And, a Freaky sequel just wouldn’t be the same without him.


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