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Borat 2 Ending Explained: Just How Wild Does The Subsequent Moviefilm Get?

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download movie latest in hindi

The True Purpose Of Borat’s Journey

As it turns out, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm has one hell of a twist, and it’s something that only 2020 could have given the world. Looking at the office of his superior in Kazakhstan, Borat pieces together the true nature of his journey to the U.S.: revenge for the humiliation that his nation had suffered after Borat 1 was released.

The plan was simple: Kazakhstan created the virus COVID-19, in order to bring the world to its knees, and used Borat as their carrier/patient zero. His long trip on a cargo ship around the world then hit specifically targeted locales like Wuhan, China, Sydney, Australia, with the final stop being America itself. Oh, and if you want to know who gave Tom Hanks COVID-19, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm has the footage of the man himself meeting a coughing Borat. Knowing how 2020 turned out, and seeing some of the truly awful conspiracy theories that are actually out in the world, it’s literally a twist that only this year could have delivered.


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