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Bruce Willis Wears Matching Pajamas With Family After Quarantining In Matching Pajamas With Demi Moore

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

Decked out in matching buffalo check pajamas, which are practically the unofficial uniform of Christmas family photos, the Willis family took a self-timed photo that showed the whole family standing at their own front door. It’s an image that practically brings back the feelings of the recently celebrated yuletide, even though we’re already closer to the dawning of a new year. While it’s not the action hero ready image we’re used to when seeing Bruce Willis on camera, this could be the right cue to start pitching your holiday family comedies his way. That’s not exactly a crazy idea, as Mr. Willis has enjoyed a recent period in his career where he’s experimented with varying roles, both on the big screen and in direct-to-video projects.


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