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Bryan Cranston: 7 Movie And TV Appearances You May Have Forgotten About

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download movie latest in hindi

Vince Lonigan – Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete is a series starring Giovanni Ribisi as a con artist named Marius who, once he is released from prison, steals his cellmate, Pete (Ethan Embry)’s identity to hide from Vince (Bryan Cranston), a man he and his brother owe a lot of money.

Sneaky Peter was executive produced and co-created by Bryan Cranston. Sneaky Pete was an underrated series that left too soon. Cranston’s character only appeared in the first season. Sneaky Peak’s first season was released on Amazon Prime in 2017, so by then, Cranston was a big name and a multiple Emmy winner. However, Sneaky Pete is one of those series that many may have missed, and it’s a show worth checking out if you’re a Cranston fan or just a fan of con artist series.


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