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Candyman: 9 Quick Things We Know About The 2021 Horror Movie

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download movie latest in hindi

Candyman is one of the highly-anticipated films of 2021 because of Jordan Peele as co-writer and producer, Nia DaCosta as director and co-writer, a talented cast, and an already rich storyline and film history. As a fan of horror movies, a fan of what Peele does to horror, and someone who was terrified of the original Candyman character, this is a film that I am anxious to see.

Like any film that has a lot of buzz around it, the Candyman team behind this “spiritual sequel” remains quiet–keeping anticipation and suspense high. Despite the secrecy surrounding this film, there are a few important things that we know about the new Candyman flick.

Spoiler warning: I will be mentioning a few plot points and spoilers from the original Candyman**. Proceed with caution.**


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