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Candyman: Everything You Need To Know About The Horror Franchise Ahead Of Nia DaCosta’s Sequel

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

The Candyman Legend Based On The Movies

In the Candyman movie, the “Candyman” is a man named Daniel Robitaille, the son of a former slave. In 1890, Daniel is an established painter who gets commissioned to paint a portrait of a wealthy white woman named Caroline Sullivan, who he falls in love with on the job. Through their forbidden affair, Caroline gets pregnant, and in her father’s anger, he gathers a lynch mob, who cuts off Daniel’s right hand and smears honey all over his body. He was stung to death and as the film’s urban legend goes, if you recite “Candyman” in the mirror five times, the ghost of Daniel will appear behind you and kill you with his bloody hook hand. He also torments those who question his existence. He is immortal, but there is a mirror that apparently holds his soul and if it is destroyed he will cease to exist.


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