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Captain America 4: 8 Major Questions We Have About The Marvel Movie

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download movie latest in hindi

Is Bucky Going To Become The White Wolf? Or Remain The Winter Soldier?

Something that sort of ticked me off about the ending of the show was when “The Falcon” was changed to “The Captain” but Bucky remained “The Winter Soldier.” I know that he was still working on himself and trying to become a better person, but I feel like there should have been some sort of change, possibly to the nickname the Wakandans gave him while he was there.

However, that doesn’t mean that he won’t return or anything like that. I’m sure Bucky will be appearing alongside Sam in the upcoming Captain America 4, and if there are more films afterward. Might we see him end up becoming Captain America at some point, as he has in the comics? Either way, I’m eager to see where his story leads.


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