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Chaos Walking: 7 Big Differences Between The Book And The Movie

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The End Of Chaos Walking

Going hand in hand with the hurried third act of Chaos Walking as a movie is a few notable changes to the movie not found in the book. One major plot point of both is Viola needing to contact her ship and in the movie she successfully does so by the end of Chaos Walking. But, in the novels, this doesn’t happen until the second book. Then, there’s a lot that happens on the abandoned ship they use for communication in the film, such as Viola killing him so she can contact said ship, but in the book she does it so Todd doesn’t have more blood on his hands. Plus, in the movie Mads Mikkelsen’s Mayor villain seems to have died in a final face off between him and Todd, perhaps with the possibility of surviving his plummet? But in the books, the Mayor takes over all of the New World, leading into a bigger plotline for him in the rest of the trilogy.


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