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Coming To America 2: 7 Quick Things We Know About Coming 2 America

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Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley, John Amos, Louie Anderson, and James Earl Jones Will Reprise Their Characters

It’d be hard to make a Coming to America sequel without Eddie Murphy. Sure enough, he’ll reprise his leading role as Prince Akeem Joffer in this forthcoming film. But in addition to Murphy coming back for this years-in-the-making sequel, we’ll also see the return of several past co-stars, including (but not limited to), Arsenio Hall as Semmi, Akeem’s best friend, Shari Headley as Lisa McDowell, the woman Akeem met, fell in love with, and married in the original, John Amos as Cleo McDowell, Prince Akeem’s father-in-law, Louie Anderson as Maurice, a mid-level McDowell’s employee, and James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer.

With sequels, especially ones arriving this late in the game, you never know if everyone will return. Thankfully, we’ll be reuniting with many favorite characters.


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