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Concrete Cowboy: What Fans Are Saying About The Netflix Movie

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Fans Are Excited About Caleb McLaughlin’s Future Following Concrete Cowboy

Even though Caleb McLaughlin has had a starring role on the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things and has been a part of all three seasons since the show debuted in 2016, his character, Lucas Sinclair, isn’t often front and center and doesn’t always get the best treatment, even more so with the additions of more characters each year. The same can’t be said for McLaughlin’s performance as Cole in Concrete Cowboy, a character the actor said was “refreshing” to play while discussing the movie with CinemaBlend. And the Stranger Things star wasn’t the only who felt this way as Twitter was quick to point out just how well McLaughlin performed in a leading role.

One Concrete Cowboy fan, impressed by Caleb McLaughlin’s portrayal of Cole, said they can’t wait to see how he continues to grow as an actor moving forward:


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