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Could A Star Wars Lightsaber Destroy Alita: Battle Angel’s Blade? Unfortunately, Mark Hamill Can’t Answer Yet

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download movie latest in hindi

The question still remains though: does Luke’s lightsaber or Alita’s blade win in a hypothetical fight? Well, it all depends on who’s quicker on the draw really, as the Damascus Blade does have a special ability: it uses the energy from her Berserker body to generate a plasma corona. So if Luke strikes before Alita can get that charge up and running, the blade might be cut like hot butter. But if Alita uses Panzer Kunst fighting abilities to outmaneuver Luke, she could potentially cut the Jedi, with or without plasma energy running through it, and strike a crushing blow. While, like Mark Hamill himself, we don’t have a definite answer on the final result of this battle, we do have more information on how everyone can see Alita: Battle Angel again, and on the big screen.


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