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Did Disney Make A Thanos-Sized Mistake Pushing Black Widow’s Release Date?

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download movie latest in hindi

Cruella And Phase Four Of The MCU

If you look at the upcoming movies schedule over the next several months, Disney will be releasing Cruella at the end of May, Emma Stone’s highly-anticipated take on the famous 101 Dalmations character. So, to be clear, I’m not arguing that Disney is running scared here or not trying to help the box office landscape at all. But no offense, releasing Cruella over Black Widow would be like if Warner Bros. had decided to release Mortal Kombat and then Godzilla vs. Kong a few months later. Mortal Kombat and Cruella have fanbases, they both look like interesting movies –seriously no negative thoughts toward either of them — but if you want to jumpstart the box office, you need Godzilla vs. Kong and you need Black Widow.


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