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Did The Flash Producer Just Tease The Movie’s Main Villain?

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download movie latest in hindi

Still, with The Flash expected to begin production soon, this picture might have doubled as Barbara Muschietti teasing Reverse-Flash’s DC Extended Universe arrival. Admittedly, The Flash movie isn’t expected to be a faithful adaptation of the original Flashpoint story, but even if it’s simply following the basic premise, it’s hard to imagine Reverse-Flash not being involved. Don’t forget, Justice League set up how Barry Allen’s mother, Nora, was murdered, and Henry Allen, Barry father, convinced of the crime. If the DCEU is following the modern day DC Comics lore, then it was actually Eobard Thawne who killed Nora and framed Henry, having traveled back in time to wreak havoc on Barry’s life years before he was hit by that lightning bolt and became a speedster.


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