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Did Tom Cruise Really Order Robots To Help Keep Mission: Impossible 7 Set Safe?

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download movie latest in hindi

Surely I’m not alone in not expecting Tom Cruise buying Terminator-like robots to monitor COVID-19 cases for Mission: Impossible 7 to be one of the early, wild 2021 news items, right? For what it’s worth, Slashfilm has heard from its sources that there are no robots on the blockbuster’s set, although there are mechanical creations indeed capable of administering COVID-19 tests, which is frightening enough on its own. As far as Mission: Impossible 7 is concerned though, it’s possible this might be one of those ‘too-good-to-be-true’-type stories. Who knows, maybe there aren’t robots on the set yet, but they could be procured in the near future. In any case, we’ll keep you apprised if any major updates on this topic come in.


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