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Disneyland Remains Closed, But Another California Amusement Park Is Getting Ready To Reopen

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download movie latest in hindi

California’s guidelines require that large theme parks remain closed until the virus rates in those counties drop to the lowest of California’s four-tiered system. However, theme parks that have a maximum capacity of less than 15,000 people are allowed to open in the third tier. They can open to a maximum of either 500 people or 25% of maximum capacity, whichever number is smaller. Santa Cruz County has reached that level, and so, the Boardwalk can open, the Boardwalk will allow 300 people in the amusement ride section at any one time. If you’re thinking you might race off to Santa Cruz just to be able to visit an amusement park, that’s not going to work. The state guidelines also state that only people who live in Santa Cruz County can visit the park.


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