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Edge Of Tomorrow: 8 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Live Die Repeat

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The Movie’s Title Changed Multiple Times

Way back when the movie was being made and we were following updates on the project, the adaptation went by the title All You Need is Kill, which — as mentioned — is the title of the book on which the film is based. However, in 2013, just before Comic-Con, a new poster dropped to promote the movie and Warner Bros.’ anticipated panel at SDCC, and the new title Edge of Tomorrow was set on the bottom right corner. So that settled that. The film released in 2014 as Edge of Tomorrow. End of story? Not quite.

In 2014, images of the anticipated Blu-ray release surfaced online, showing off a new new title, Live Die Repeat, which was how the film was marketed for home video. The compromise between the two titles — at least according to retailers like Amazon — seems to be Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, and from what Doug Liman told Yahoo in 2017, it sounds like he wants to keep Live Die Repeat as the header for the potential franchise:


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