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Elf 2: Why It’s Time For Will Ferrell To Bring Back Buddy The Elf For A Sequel

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An Elf Sequel Could Give Will Ferrell A Mid-Career Boost

Right now, Will Ferrell’s career isn’t what it once was. I don’t say that to be harsh. Rather, I’m examining it critically. Once, Ferrell was a bonafide A-list comedy star, frontlining major comedies like Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, Anchorman 1 and 2, Blades of Glory, The Other Guys, and several other high-grossing studio comedies seen throughout the ’00s and early ’10s. But after a series of flops and critical misfires, Ferrell’s star power has waned.

Now, that doesn’t mean Will Ferrell’s career is dead. This year’s Eurovision, for instance, drew a whole lot of eyeballs to Netflix upon its streaming debut. But particularly at a time when comedy movie stars are becoming less of a thing (and comedies aren’t going to theaters as consistently), one couldn’t help but wonder if Elf 2 is the mid-career bump that Ferrell needs.


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