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Fantastic Beasts 3’s Mads Mikkelsen Hilariously Reveals He Forgot Who Jerry Bruckheimer Was Twice On The Same Movie

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download movie latest in hindi

Most Hollywood producers aren’t what you would call household names, but Jerry Bruckheimer is an exception. Beginning his career in the early 1970s, he made a name for himself with big 1980s films like Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, and Flashdance, and then became famous for his relationship with Michael Bay and franchises National Treasure. He’s what industry folks would call a “big deal”… but apparently that status was totally lost on actor Mads Mikkelsen in the making of 2004’s King Arthur, as he managed to totally forget who Bruckheimer was not once, but twice during the production.

This funny story recently came to light thanks to a viral post on Twitter featuring an on-camera interview with the Fantastic Beasts 3 star, and you can watch him tell it in full below:


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