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Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan Plead To Be In Trolls For His Daughters, Only To Spend An Outrageous Amount When The Movie Came Out

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

So, I’m like, ‘Wow, OK,’ buy it, you know they want it. You only get it for 24 hours, the next day they’re like, ‘Hey we want to watch Trolls again!’ I’m like, ‘Oh, sure.’ I’m gonna have to buy it again. I think I bought it 4 or 5 times! After like a week I got in touch with my agent who was like, ‘Oh, by the way, Universal says there’s a code that you use whenever you want to watch Trolls [World Tour]. I was like, ‘Oh great. I’ve already spent like $300.’


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