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Gone Girl Vs. I Care A Lot: Which Rosamund Pike Character Is More Evil?

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download movie latest in hindi

Amy Dunne is unquestionably a dangerous sociopath, and there is no doubt that her survival at the end of Gone Girl is one of the reasons why we love to hate her so much… but if we’re being really real here, this isn’t actually much of a contest. Amy may be deeply scary, but at least she limits the pain she causes to only those who have the misfortune of entering her life and getting close to her (not to mention those who make the mistake of slighting her). I Care A Lot’s Marla Greyson is not only indiscriminate when it comes to her cancer-like operation, but it’s her aim to destroy as many lives as she possibly can. It’s really the vast contrast in scale alone that separates the two, and makes Marla distinctly the more evil of the two Rosamund Pike characters.

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