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Has Real Steel’s Netflix Success Sparked New Sequel Hope? Here’s What The Director Said

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

An almost 10-year-old movie hits it big on Netflix, bringing it up to the third spot on the Top 10, with that feat in itself representing the highest non-original title on the platform at that particularly given time. That sort of magic is cool, and it’s also a definite sign that Real Steel is something that people have been paying attention to. However, the biggest surprise about this result is that it isn’t some sort of fluke where the internet discovered the film by accident. Rather, the undercurrent of love for the Kenton family’s adventure in robotics is something that’s not only connected to the film’s modest success in 2011, but has kept the film in the minds of so many that have engaged in it as time has gone on. Rounding out our conversation on the matter, Shawn Levy offered the following reflection:


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