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Haunting Of The Mary Celeste’s Emily Swallow Talks Challenges Of The ‘Claustrophobic’ Sets

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download movie latest in hindi

It was claustrophobic. [laughs] We didn’t do any of it on a soundstage. Everything that we shot on the boat was on that teeny little boat, and you couldn’t take out a wall to fit in the camera. Like, everyone that was in the scene needed to fit in there. And then all of the equipment needed to fit in there. And our DP, Raquel Nuñez, is just such a superhero. And I feel like she has shapeshifting abilities because she would cram herself into corners to try to get a certain shot and she would climb up on top of things and hang over things. And that was definitely helpful for us as actors, to actually be in that tiny space. And to be honest, to feel like we were on a boat that could sink at any minute because that thing was so beat up. So that was very helpful, and I’m glad that it came across as feeling claustrophobic. We also did a lot of the shots kind of in the middle of the night out in the San Francisco Bay area. So getting to actually shoot at night, getting to feel that claustrophobic space? It was very helpful in actually conveying that.


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