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Hear Me Out: No Time To Die May Be Doing Something Different With James Bond’s Opening

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

As a music aficionado, as well as someone who’s been hearing the James Bond gun barrel music permutate through three separate incarnations of Bond so far, something stuck out to me when I heard Hans Zimmer’s interpretation of the song that fans know and love. Sure, there’s been some exciting change-ups in the past, like Marvin Hamlisch adding some disco flare to The Spy Who Loved Me, or Bill Conti throwing in more cowbell for his opening to For Your Eyes Only. Not to mention, Eric Serra’s gun barrel for Goldeneye defies tradition so much, it may as well just be called, “Because ‘90s.” Static, the gun barrel is not, even under the auspices of a singular composer like David Arnold.


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