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How 12 Monkeys’ Time Travel Works

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download movie latest in hindi

From When To When

The plan was to send James Cole from the far flung future of 2035 back to October 1996, just before 12 Monkeys’ devastating viral outbreak started to kick off. But, because the time travel process is rather unstable, Cole gets sent back to other points in time all willy nilly like. On his first trip, he winds up going to Baltimore in April 1990, and is then sent to World War I in 1914, by accident. Cole eventually finds his way back to Baltimore, this time in November 1996.

The Purpose Of Their Trip

A panel of scientists rule humanity’s underground society, with the intent to send a subject back in time, in order to obtain a sample of the mysterious virus “in its purest form, before it mutates.” With the pure strain of the virus secured, a cure could be devised, and humanity can return to the surface.


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