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How All Those Marvel Easter Eggs Made It Into Disney+’s Flora & Ulysses

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download movie latest in hindi

Apparently, Alyson Hannigan’s past in pop culture also gets a shoutout too, with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book behind her. Of course, Hannigan played Willow in the series way back when. Fans of the Ducktales reboot may also notice that four cast members from the series had a live-action reunion in Flora & Ulysses. Ben Schwartz (Flora’s dad) played Luey, the movie’s villain Danny Pudi was Huey, the comic shop owner Stanlee, Bobby Moynihan was Dewey and the waitress Rita, played by Kate Micucci was Webby. Moynihan’s name is another Marvel reference to Stan Lee and, during his first appearance, he is holding up a Ducktales comic book before saying Donald Duck’s iconic line, “oh boy.”


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