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How Eddie Huang’s Previous Life Endeavors Helped Him To Direct Boogie

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

Man, this is such a good question. I love it, because it’s the answer to a question people ask me. But a DP that I met and befriended in the process of looking for a DP, of course Brett Jutkiewicz, my favorite DP, shot this film. But Sam Levy, who shot Lady Bird, he lived next to Baohaus when I opened it with my brother. And he said to me, he said, ‘Look, as you go through this process, there are going to be a lot of people that tell you ‘You don’t know this,’ and ‘You don’t know that;’ and ‘You’re gonna need me. That’s why I’m here, I’m the expert.’ He said, ‘Don’t listen to a goddamned one of them. I saw you and your brother pour your hearts and minds into that restaurant. There is no way making a movie is going to be harder than opening that restaurant with a couple bucks, seven days a week, 16 hours a day, back to back with your brother.’ And he was right, and I would tell people, whether it’s film, whether it’s writing a memoir, whether it’s being an attorney, or whatever, there’s nothing that scary. You’ve just gotta do it. Once you do it, then you’re a director. Once you do it, you’re a chef. But you’ve just gotta do it, and don’t let anything scare you.


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