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How No Time To Die’s Opening Scene Will Break From James Bond Traditions

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download movie latest in hindi

However, it looks like this slightly different version of events in No Time To Die may be overwriting key parts of that story, perhaps in service of the greater secret surrounding Madeleine Swann’s character. Now, the tale seems to be that her mother was killed, rather than leaving the family in a more legally final way, and Safin is the culprit behind that act. Which ultimately inspired Cary Joji Fukunaga to deliver a joke that’s so witty and entertaining, that we hope it speaks to the humor that’s present in the 25th James Bond film. Confirming that the masked figure we’ve seen is indeed Safin, Fukunaga couldn’t help but remark on how a previously failed project of his came back to haunt him in No Time To Die’s opening sequence:


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