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How Spider-Man: Far From Home’s End-Credits Might Connect To WandaVision

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

The first two episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series arrived on Disney+ this evening, and while there is a hell of a lot to dissect (and believe me, our staff intends to get into all of it), the most intriguing moments come, respectively, at the very end of both. The first has the pullback that reveals the lives of Wanda and Vision actually being broadcast as a series, being watched in what seems to be some kind of military monitoring station. The second sees the eponymous heroes wander into the empty street of their suburban neighborhood at night after hearing a loud noise, and be surprised to witness a manhole cover being lifted. When it’s sufficiently moved, a man in a beekeeper outfit – surrounded by a cloud of bees – emerges, and while we can’t see his face, it doesn’t really matter because Wanda simply says, “No,” and the entire scene rewinds.


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