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How To Watch The Harry Potter Movies On International Harry Potter Day

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These days it seems like there is a holiday every day of the week, and while some like National Thank God It’s Monday Day and National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day range from silly to absurd, there are others that have a sense of magic, wonder, and maybe even some fantastical Dark Arts. I’m talking about International Harry Potter Day (Sunday, May 2), the annual celebration of J.K. Rowling’s beloved fantasy novels and eight box-office smash hits that entertained and enchanted millions of muggles over the years.

But what to do on International Harry Potter Day? Do you put on a robe, grab your trusty broom, and set out for a game of Quidditch? Start reading the books again for the 9 and 3/4th time? Or do you watch the Harry Potter movies streaming? And while the first two options would make for quite a great Sunday Funday, watching the movies isn’t a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday morning, afternoon, evening, and parts of Monday either.


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